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Code A pytorch replicate of "InfoSwap: Information Bottleneck Disentanglement for Identity Swapping." CVPR 2021.
Code A pytorch replicate of TP-GAN "Beyond Face Rotation: Global and Local Perception GAN for Photorealistic and Identity Preserving Frontal View Synthesis"
Data The M2FPA dataset is constructed by Center for Research on Intelligent Perception and Computing (CRIPAC), National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition (NLPR), Institute of Automation, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASIA). The M2FPA dataset totally involves 397,544 images of 229 subjects with 62 poses (including 13 yaw angles, 5 pitch angles and 44 yaw-pitch angles), 4 attributes and 7 illuminations.
Code A pytorch implementation of Paper " IntroVAE: Introspective Variational Autoencoders for Photographic Image Synthesis ".
Code A pytorch implementation of Paper " Dual Variational Generation for Low Shot Heterogeneous Face Recognition ".
Code A pytorch implementation of Paper " Wavelet-srnet: A wavelet-based cnn for multi-scale face super resolution ".
Code A pytorch implementation of "A Light CNN for Deep Face Representation with Noisy Labels"(TIFS 2018)  from the paper by Xiang Wu, Ran He, Zhenan Sun and Tieniu Tan. 

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  • 03/2022   I will serve as the Area Chair of NeurIPS 2022.
  • 03/2022   4 paper accepted in CVPR 2022.
  • 02/2022   I will serve as the Area Chair of ECCV 2022.
  • 12/2021   1 paper accepted in IJCAI 2021.
  • 07/2021   2 papers accepted in ICCV 2021.
  • 07/2021   I will serve as the Associate Editor of IEEE TIP.
  • 03/2021   I will serve as the Area Chair of NeurIPS 2021.
  • 03/2021   5 papers accepted in CVPR 2021.
  • 01/2021   Many congratulations to Xiangqiang Zhou, presented with IAPR ICPR Best Scientific Paper Award for Contrastive Relation Network.
  • 12/2020   Many congratulations to Xiang Wu, presented with IEEE SPS Young Author Best Paper Award for Light CNN.
  • 09/2020   Ran He is leading a "2035 Innovation Team" of AI research in CASIA!
  • 09/2020   Congratulations! Dr. Jia Li is awarded with "CAS Special Research Assistant Program"!
  • 08/2020   Yi Li won the Chinese Academy of Sciences Presidential Scholarship!
  • 07/2020   Congratulations! Ran He was named as IAPR Fellow!
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